Recent Before & After Photos

Restaurant needs help in Mission Viejo, CA

A restaurant's neighbor had a slow undetermined water leak after they moved out. SERVPRO went in through the other unit next door to start the mo... READ MORE

Medical Office needs our help in Lake Forest, CA

This medical office actually needed some major help. The drywall had been damage about a little over 2 ft high while a large pipe burst in the wall overnight up... READ MORE

Studio Storm Damage in Oregon

Even the smallest of homes can be damaged by a bad storm event! This is the final home we worked on in Oregon before coming back home. We had to do content mani... READ MORE

Board up in Coto De Caza, CA

As you can see this fire started in the garage and spread quickly to the house. Thankfully no one was hurt, but SERVPRO came and saved the day. To keep anyone e... READ MORE

Office needs help in Mission Viejo, CA

The cause of this loss was an overflowing toilet, it just wouldn't stop flowing until they went outside and figured out how to turn the water off but by then it... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Oregon

This loss was caused by a leaky roof by a bad storm in Oregon. It had leaked through the roof and into the master bedroom closet. We went and removed the damage... READ MORE

Photography Studio needs our help in Laguna Hills, CA

A photography studio in Laguna Hills needed major help when their AC had leaked, causing damage to the acoustic tiles in the ceiling. We went in and removed a l... READ MORE

Crazy Mold in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

As you guys can see here, there is ALOT of mold in this small water heater closet. The water heater that is located outside the home, had been leaking !&nb... READ MORE

Insulation Problems in Medford!

While in Medford, Oregon we got a call that a storm has leaked from upstairs into the basement. The insulation was soaked after removing the drywall from the ce... READ MORE

Fire in Laguna Hills, CA

This fire caused some severe damage , this start in the bedroom caused by a candle fall over. Most of the damage really went through the roof and fast. SERVPRO ... READ MORE